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               Size of Tubing

Standards and technical conditions for supply


Uses: Tubing is used for extracting oil or gas from wells, while casing for sidewall.


Dimension of Tubing:

Note: P - plain end; N - non-upset T&C; U - Ex-upset T &C; - oil tubing with Baosteel premium connection; S-SUPERMAX premium connection tubing

The unit length nominal linear masses, threads and coupling (col. 2~4) are shown for reference only. The densities of martensite chromium steels (L80 types 9Cr and 13Cr) are different from carbon steels. Therefore, the masses values shown above are not accurate to martensite chromium steels. A mass correction factor of 0.989 may be used. Non-upset tubing is available with regular couplings or special bevel couplings. External- upset tubing is available with regular, special- bevel, or special clearance couplings.


Dimension of Casing

Note: P – plain end; S – short round thread; L – long round thread; B – buttress thread; C – oil casing with Baosteel premium connection; X – Baosteel extreme-line casing.

a.       Label are for information and assistance in ordering.

b.       Nominal linear masses, threaded and coupled are shown for information only.

c.       The densities of martensitic chromium steels (L80 types 9Cr and 13 Cr) are different from carbon steels. The masses shown are therefore not accurate for matensitic chromium steels. A mass correction factor of 0.989 may be used.


1.         Standard Coupling

2.         Special Clearance Coupling

3.         Special Bevel Coupling

4.       API Modified Seal-Ring Coupling(SR 13)

5.       Combination Coupling or Reducing Coupling



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